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AFL Division 4 - Clare v Waterford

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   CLARE..............1-17   WATERFORD..............0-12

 Clare are off to a winning start in the Allianz division four league and deservingly so as they were the better side for 20 minutes of each half against Waterford and had they more ruthlessness in front of goal would have been five goals clear at the end of the game not just eight points.

Clare dominated with ultimate ease the opening twenty minutes and were four points to the good and with any conviction in front of goal could have 12 points clear without even one iota of a scoring chance for the decies men. Gary Brennan opened the scoring with a searing run up the centre in the second minute before a great crossfield ball from Shane Brennan fell into the hands of David Tubridy who finished with ease in the 4th minute. Clare kicked five wides and missed two goal chances and witnessed only two more points between the 6th and 16th minutes despite near total dominance as Rory Donnelly and  Shane McGrath  with a wonderful team effort had Clare four clear in the 12th. Shane Aherne finally had the visitors on the scoreboard after 19 minutes and indeed made Clare look ordinary for the following five minutes scoring two efforts from Sean O Hare (free) and Sean Fleming. Clare goalkeeper Joe Hayes had to be alert to deny Patrick Hurney who found himself in front of goal with a breaking ball and Hayes made a smart body block.
Clare alarmed by this rallied and a great catch and solo by Gary Brennan set up David Tubridy for Clare's 6th point just before Shane Quinlan restored a four point home side lead.

The old failings returned to Clare giving away the ball in dangerous positions and this allowed Waterford to get into the game with scores from Sean Fleming, Gary Hurney and Conor McGrath to leave Clare nervous one point leaders (0-7) to (0-6) after 31 minutes when after ten minutes a six point lead would have been the deserved Clare lead. A high free sent in by Hayes broke to Tubridy who kicked his fourth score of the half. A great piece of running by John Hayes found Tubridy who in turn found Clohessy and the newly appointed clare captain made no mistake to leave Clare happy to be three points clear (0-9) to (0-6) ahead at the interval.

Clare started the second half brightly with Alan Clohessy starting as he finished with another point before Conor McGrath kicked Waterford's seventh point. Rory Donnelly scored a wonderful effort before Shane Aherne earned a second yellow card and his dismissal. Clare took over the game and scored the all important goal from Rory Donnelly after solid approach work by Niall Browne and David Tubridy. After 50 minutes Clare were comfortable (1-12) to (0-9) points ahead and now looking to see if they could build on a solid positive scoring advantage for the rest of the league.  The yellow cards started to flow and it led to four sendings off with Waterford clear winners  in this race. Gary Hurney, Shane Aherne and sub Joe veale who was only on the field five minutes were all dismissed as Clare centre back Gordon Kelly also saw an early end. Alan Clohessy (2), David Tubridy (2) and Shane McGrath with a tremendous effort left the home side 10 points clear entering the final five minutes of now lifeless fare before 200 souls.

 Clare won the first game of the new league and set off this coming weekend to Fermanagh whose game against London was snowed off in Rusilip. A result in this tough fixture with the northerners now managed by Peter Canavan would be key to the progress of this side.

Clare's strong performsers included Shane McNeilus, Lawerence Healy, John Hayes, Shane Brennan, Shane McGrath, Rory Donnelly, David Tubridy and Alan Clohessy. Waterford suffered through a collection of yellow cards yet in reality against a better side they would have been 10point plus in arrears at the end at the end of the first quarter.

CLARE: Joe Hayes, Barry Hartnett, Shane McNeilus, Lawerence Healy, Martin McMahon, Gordon Kelly, John Hayes, Gary Brennan (0-1), Ger Quinlan (0-1), Niall Browne, Shane McGrath (0-2), Shane Brennan, Rory Donnelly (1-2), David Tubridy (0-7), Alan Clohessy (0-4). Subs: David Russell for Browne, Stephen Tierney for  Shane McGrath, Joe Dowling for Donnelly, Michael Foran for Healy, Timmy Ryan for Brennan.

WATERFORD: Kieran Cotter, Kieran Connery, Conor Phelan, Andy Doyle, Shane Briggs, Tony Grey, Wayne Hennessy, Shane Aherne (0-1), Sean O Hare (0-1), Conor McGrath (0-2), Sean Dempsey, Pat Hurney (0-2), Gary Hurney (0-4), Liam O Lionain, Sean Fleming. (0-2) Subs: Cillian O Keeffe for O Lionain, Robert Aherne for Hennessy, Joey Veale for McGrath,

Referee: Frank Flynn (Leitrim).