Circuit Training workshops for GAA Coaches.

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Clare Coaching and Games Development Committee in association with Coaching Ireland Tutors will be holding 2 Circuit training 

workshops for G.A.A. coaches in the coming weeks. 

The dates and venues for the courses can be seen below.

2nd Feb @ 7pm    in St Michaels Secondary School Hall 

17th Feb @ 7pm   in Liscannor National School.

Both workshops will be delivered by Peter Francis a member of the Player/Athlete services department at NCTC.

Further information on the courses can be got by contacting:

John Enright GDA Clare GAA on 086-3542886 or email

G.A.A. Coaching Tutors Training

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Clare Coaching and Games are presently recruiting new foundation level G.A.A. Coaching Tutors to deliver the foundation level 

G.A.A. Coaching Courses going forward. 

Training is planned for February and there are still limited places available on the course. 

If you are interested in becoming either a Hurling or Gaelic Football tutor please contact 

Seán Chaplin at

Please include a your coaching history with application.

Two New Gaelic Football Promotion Officers

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Clare G.A.A. in association with The Clare Football Supporters Club

invites applicants for the following position:-

 Two Gaelic Football Promotion Officers.

These positions will commence in Feb 2011 and run until October 2011.

Applicants should have:-

 At least a foundation level Gaelic football Coaching Certificate.
Knowledge of fundamental sessions.
Knowledge of Go Games.
A driving licence – access to own transport.

For further information on the positions please do not hesitate to contact

Seán Chaplin on 065-6821072 or email

Interested parties can send their C.V.’s by mail to

Seán Chaplin, County Games Development Manager,

Clare GAA Headquarters, Clareabbey, Clarecastle, Co. Clare

or email them to

Closing Date for applications is Friday January 14th at 5pm.

Clare Coaching Workshop

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Modified Games

All of the following games are based on tackling and defending both as an individual and as a group.

Game 1: Kick it, run it ( 4 v 4, team kick possession back to opposition who try to cross with ball over the opponent’s line. The coach counts down how long team can hold out the opposition)

Game 2: Cross it over ( 3 v 3 on one side, 3 v 3 in a square opposite. Team must pass to each other twice before they attempt to move the ball to their teammates in the opposite square who must do the same)

Game 3: 2 v 2 or 3 v 3 (players are divided between backs and forwards. Forwards are called by coach to collect a ball on the 30m line. They must work together to get a goal, defenders attempt to work together to stop the score. Repeat non stop for 1 minute)

Game 4: Defending forwards (any number divided between backs and forwards. Ball is kicked into the playing area – backs move when ball touches the ground, backs can only move when forwards get possession. Backs attempt to move ball out through gates, forwards attempt to defend and stop defenders coming out).

Game 5: 3 5s (5 v 5 v5. Reds, greens, yellows –reds and green attempt to keep possession to make 10 passes to count as a score, yellows must learn when to double or triple up to regain possession. The colour that loses the ball becomes the tacklers. Play up to 5 points)

Game 6: 3 v 3 plus 2 goalkeepers ( 3 players attack a goal under pressure from 3 markers, they attempt to score. If ball is saved or intercepted the other 3 attack the opposite goal. Game continues until a goal is scored. Immediately 6 new players join in)

Game 7: Keep the ball ( reds v blues, red player must solo through a gate and bring the ball to a red player on the other side. This red must bring it back through the gate and try to give it to another red on the starting side. Blues will attempt to tackle and regain possession. Game will continue for 4 attacks each)

Game 8: 1 v 1, keepers are next. Play 1 v 1, as soon as a goal is scored the keepers are next on for a 1 v 1 game, the next 2 players go in goal and as soon as a score goes in, they become the next 2 attackers.

Munster Council’s Club Child Development Programme

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Pictured at the launch of the "Club Child Development Programme "at Mallow GAA Complex are L-R Robert Frost Vice Chairman                Munster Council ,Joey Carton Provincial Coaching Manager, Liam O Neill National Chairman of Coaching and Games ,                                     Sean Walsh Chairman and Pat O'Shea Provincial Coaching Manager.

The Launch of the Munster Club Nursery Programme took place in the Mallow GAA Complex on Tuesday November 23rd.

The idea for the Munster Club Nursery came about by the phenomenal growth of the club nursery system (6 to 10 year olds) over the last number of years in the province. With the surge of new nurseries there has been an increasing demand for guidelines and advice on how to set up, promote and operate club nurseries. This Programme is a direct response to that.

Developing a strong club nursery is an important component of the overall juvenile structure and it is essential that appropriate resources and training procedures are developed to support the best possible nursery programme in club.

The Munster Nursery Programme compliments the ‘’Fun Do’’ resource which was launched a number of years ago and this training and development programme will be an essential tool in supporting our volunteers in the field.

The Munster Club Nursery Programme will be delivered the Games Development Administrators (GDA’s) in the Province and will be delivered on a Divisional basis with two clubs from each of the Divisions initially. It is hoped to have visited and completed the programme in all clubs in the province within four years.

Munster GAA spent €3,000,000 on Coaching and Games development across the Province in 2008 and 2009.

The programme is aimed at improving the Underage Structure in all of the clubs in 

Munster and therefore increasing the numbers playing our games and the standard at 

which they are played. 

The age group involved is that between 6 & 10 years old.

Clubs in the project will receive at least five visits from the Games Dev Administrators 

in their own county as well as other support packages. It is intended that the project 

would run for a period of four years with two clubs in each coaching division of the 

county being involved initially. 

All juveniles clubs in Munster will be covered after the four year period.

Pictured at the launch of the Child Club Development Programme l-r John O'Sullivan Cllare, Michael Power Munster 
Council Treasurer, John Landers Chairman Organising Committe, and Oliver Mann Limerick.

Sean Chaplin, Billy Archibald, Eamonn Fennessy, John O'Sullivan, Tom Dwnes,  Michael O Neill and Pat Fitzgerald 
attended the launch of the Child Club Development Programme at Mallow GAA Complex

Coaching Workshop

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Workshop  entitled "An Introduction to Strength and Conditioning Training for young Adolescent GAA Players"

On Monday Evening next  OCT 18th Clare GAA Coaching and Games will hold a special coaching workshop entitled "An introduction to 
Strength and Conditioning Training for young adolescent GAA players" in the Inisiar suite of the West County Hotel from 7pm to 9pm. 
The workshop will concentrate on fitness and circuit training for players in the 13-18 year old bracket (youth).

Players across the country are getting huge benefit from an appropriate introduction to strength and conditioning and it is hoped that the 

workshop will be of benefit to all youth coaches and even for anyone with a young family.

The workshop will have theory and practical content and much of it will take the format of a Questions and Answers session. The  presenters 

will be Clare GDA's Ronan Keane who holds a Sports Science Degree from UL and Peter Casey who has taken a number of courses on 

Strength and Conditioning Coaching.

Cost is €10. Booking through Clare GAA 065 6820172

Seán Chaplin
Games Development Manager
Clare GAA

ABC Schools Programme

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This new programme is designed for whole classes of mixed ability children,
boys and girls. Special needs children are also getting immense satisfaction in
being able to perform with their peers.
This programme is designed to help teachers to introduce children to hurling in
a child-friendly way with a high chance of success.
There is a key link to health and fitness which is now of huge importance. The
procurement of these new style hurleys and the use of bean bags ensures a safe
environment and reduces teachers worries.

Download Attachment for Programme

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